Alcohol Stove Backpacking

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Alcohol Stove Windscreen

Alcohol Stove – In fairness there are a lot of the best camping stove. It all depends on the preferences, traditions and often determined by where you live. The most common type is the traditional:

Solid fuel stoves, often including wood and charcoal burners and other solid fuels in various parts of the world can be very diverse. This fuel can include animal waste, coal, dried seaweed and humble corncob. Fuel The latter gives its name to the famous Cobb stove / Grill. Alcohol Stove the most famous of this type is of course Trangia. The fuel for these stoves is methylated spirits or denatured alcohol, is widely available around the world.

The choice in the type Alcohol Stove is very big and they are very popular. We will look more closely at this later stove. There are places where open flame type burner is not allowed, sometimes because of the risk of the local fire and often where the owners live in a place, an apartment block, etc., where the flames are not recommended because of the possibility of smoke emissions are not controlled, the earliest forms of deliberate cooking course, BBQ. It was an article about Alcohol Stove which we wish to convey to you.



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