Antique Fireplace Mantel With Mirror

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Brick Fireplace Mantel Picture

Antique fireplace mantel can be one great idea which people can choose for improving the look in their living place. Fireplace surely will be very important support during winter and it can be focal point in the winter living room decoration. However, people will not use it a lot in other seasons so people should renew their living room look. Fireplace mantel which has antique touch will bring the new look which is classy yet elegant. The hunt can be interesting as well.

Antique Fireplace Mantel Hunt

When people want to add the classic touch to their fireplace mantel, it will be challenging but at least there are some useful steps which people can use. People can choose wooden antique mantels by checking the local safety ordinances for finding out the needed distance between firebox and wooden mantel. People must not forget the period of their home so they can decide the right choice for building the right mantel for expected restoration according to historical accuracy.

People also have to check the wood working as well as the detail in their home especially for repeated motifs. Overall dimension of your room should be taken into account since they want to make the fireplace mantel as focal point. The entire width of existing fireplace should be measured.

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