Awesome Tuscan Decor Ideas

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New Tuscan Decor Ideas

Tuscan decor ideas – If you have always wanted to decorate your home to reflect the charming Italian countryside, uses Tuscan-inspired decor and colors to create a relaxed and refined atmosphere. Using the Tuscan grape growing industry as a reference point, decorate with grape-inspired elements, such as purple string lights and vintage wine bottles. Live lavender plants will provide a natural part of your home, as well as culinary inspiration.

Decorate your home using natural elements that reflect those found in Tuscan decor ideas. In the bathroom, use stone floors and a marble vessel sink with iron fixtures. For the kitchen, buy a big, rough-hewn wood dining table for casual dining. Use a vase of fresh cut flowers as a centerpiece. Wrought iron racks can accommodate everything from books and DVDs to towels and linens.

The stand-out lavender plants to add an authentic Tuscan decor ideas countryside touch to your home. Use rustic terracotta pots to grow herbs, and place them into the kitchen windowsill so they are on hand for culinary use. Hang a delicate lavender-colored curtain in the bedroom, and supplement it with a floral print quilt. Use green and lavender towels in the bathroom to create a haven of peace. Celebrate Tuscan wine industry by decorating with grape-inspired accents. Hang strings of grape-shaped lights around the doors to create soft lighting. If you are artistic, painting designs on wine bottles and display them in the kitchen or dining room. You can also use wine bottles featuring vintage labels creative vases.

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