Basement Ceiling Ideas

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Unfinished Basement Ceiling

Basement ceiling ideas can vary. In the end, you have to choose one that not only suit your own style but able to be the compliment of the style of your home. Here are some ideas.You can use drywall if you want to have a smooth surface for the ceiling of your basement. But you have to remember that you also have to install drainpipes and ducts before you can install the drywall. This can allow you the opportunity of making a multilevel ceiling. This kind of ceiling can help you to create zones in your basement base on what kind of activities that can be done there.

If you want to make the ceiling of your basement looks more attractive, you can try to use tongue-and-groove siding. Of course, there is also a drawback of using this kind of ceiling. If you choose to have this kind of ceiling, you will find that it is kind of hard to access the plumbing pipes there. Not to mention it will be hard to get to the wiring. Another disadvantage is that you might have to make the ceiling lower as to accommodate ductwork. But there is also advantage: your basement will look like any other room on the main level of your home.

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