Best Tuscan Dining Room Ideas

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Elegant Tuscan Dining Room

Tuscan dining room – Decorate your dining room reflects your style whether it’s Hollywood glamor, rustic country or Oriental. Bring in elements that reflect the color and feel of the design, and pay close attention to detail, as these small items that gather the design.

Bring the floor of your design. Go to a black and white tile pattern for a Hollywood design or a ground-color tile for a Tuscan dining room. Consider a whitewashed hardwood floor on land-design or a bamboo floor to an Asian feel. Try a soft colorful blanket under a table and chairs. Choose a wine-inspired carpet with vines and grapes or an abstract pattern of dots or stripes in the room color or a geometric design for a more modern look.

Dress your table to continue your Tuscan dining room design. Give a Hollywood glamor design for your glass and chrome table with silver tableware and mirrored place mats, while a Tuscan design can involve a long wooden table with a printed wine motif tablecloth and napkins. Dishware is the jewel in your decoration design. A silver bucket keeps the wine in the middle of the table surrounded by jewel-tone glasses and plates for a Tuscan look, while a serene, low floral display sits in the middle of an oriental table with chopsticks and black-lacquered bowls on a bamboo mat.

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