Bird House Drawing Ideas

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Nice Bird House Drawing

Bird house drawing – Bluebird houses are mainly composed of simple geometric shapes. These structures are best draw using a ruler to get accurate and accurate results. After you have completed the drawing of the aviary, consider drawing a blue bird in the house to generate interest and action around your drawing.

Then, draw a trapezoid 1 inch high. The top and bottom must be horizontal and straight. The top should be 1 inch long, and the bottom should be 3/4 inch long and center below the top. It attaches to the sides of the trapezoid to connect the ends of the top and bottom. This is the front face of the blue bird house. Also two-thirds of the way to the center of the trapezoidal distortion. And then,  draws a 1/4 inch diameter circle. This is the entrance for the bird house drawing.

Bird house drawing a rectangle in the trapezoid, 1 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch high. It should centered on the top edge of the trapezoid. Then, attach to the right of the rectangle, draw a diamond. The left side of the diamond will be the right side of the rectangle, so it will be the same height. Also, the bottom and top of the rhombus will be 1/4 inches long. The bottom of the rhombus forms an angle of 135 degrees with the lower edge of the rectangle. The top of the diamond will be parallel to the bottom. And also the right side of the diamond will be parallel to the left.

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