Bird House Window Wood

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Bird House Window Addition Picture

Bird house window – You will find many articles that focus on creating a birdhouse that is the right size for a specific species of birds. While size is an important aspect to consider when buying or making a birdhouse, they just do birdhouse better at attracting one species over another. The best wooden bird house window has extra features that make it better able to protect nesting birds from the elements and predators.


Wooden houses should be done with the use of untreated wood. Treated wood can emit fumes that are toxic to birds.  The wood should be at least 3/4-inch thick to provide insulation for the birds during cold snaps. While the outside may be smooth, the inside of the house must be rough, grooved or patterned to provide young birds to cling to it. Use galvanized or aluminum nails, and glues the joints to keep the bird house window together anymore.

The entrance hole should be sized appropriately for the species you want to attract and to keep out the species you do not. Adding a predator guard around the hole provides extra protection against birds and animals that may try to nest. A predator guard is just a small piece of wood about 1 inch thick to fit around the entrance hole. This prevents the wood bats and cats from reaching into the nest and keeps rodents from chewing around the hole to make it larger. One feature that should not be added to the house is a perch. Perches allow easy access for predators.

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