Cleaning Double Oven Stove

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Double Oven Stove Side By Side

Double Oven Stove – Sometimes, with the normal use of the oven, spills can build up between the layers of glass in the door. This can be an annoying sight for a furnace that otherwise is completely clean. If this happens and your oven is still under warranty, you can call the service to remedy this situation. If your double oven stove is no longer under warranty, you can learn to perform this task yourself.

Instructions: 1) Place the media on the bottle brush or stick and stretch so that it is completely covered. If you use a cane, said average with several elastic bands to keep it tight. 2) Sprinkle with half you’re covered with window cleaner until the media is saturated element. 3) Remove the bottom drawer of the oven and set it aside. 4) Lie down on the floor looking up to see the bottom of the double oven stove door. Find the holes in the bottom of the door should be large enough so you can enter the brush or stick. 5) Enter your element with a half covered holes in the bottom of the door and rubbed forward and backward, to remove stains from the glass layers. 6) Repeat this step with window cleaner on average until all stains have been removed.

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