How To Cook With A Coleman Stove Gas

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Coleman Stove Picture

Coleman stove – Coleman stoves are relatively common in camps and as well known as the pot. Cooking on a gas field stove is a great choice for campers who do not want to carry large quantities of firewood for cooking fires. Coleman gas stoves are widely available powered by propane gas or white varieties. With any type of fuel source, lighting and cooking methods are identical and as easy as cooking at home. Open the oven by pressing the center button to unlatch the latching mechanism and open the lid. Fold out the arms on both sides of the stove and clips to attach to the outside of the stove. These arms provide a wind break to prevent the burners is blown out during food preparation.

Connect the fuel cartridge or fill the fuel tank, depending on the Coleman stove to use. If using a propane tank, fix the arm fuel supplied to the stove as indicated by the manufacturer, then screw the cartridge with the opposite end of the fuel arm firmly and position to rest on the table or next to the stove land. The bottle should not hang from the stove. If you have a fuel tank, use a funnel to slowly fill the tank with white gas. Close the lid tightly and securely store the remaining fuel. Ignite the heater by turning one of the knobs to the “on” position marked on the stove. You will be able to smell gas. Turn to a match and hold near burner until it ignites the gas. Turn the knob to the low position to conserve fuel. Turn the other burner in the same way, if both burners are needed.

Place the cookware on the grill on the stove burner and use the lowest temperature required. Adjust the heat and cook as you would on a home stove, but consider the amount of fuel available. Most types of cookware can be used in a gas field stove, but the size is a factor to be considered. Turn off mobile burner’s burner controls to the “off” position and allow the stove to cool completely. Remove the arm fuel and propane gas tank or empty the remaining liquid fuel in the fuel cartridge. Clean the Coleman stove before folding and storing.

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