Create A Pigeon Bird House For Sale

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Pigeon Bird House For Sale Cedar

Pigeon bird house for sale – It is possible to build an attractive bird without using a hammer or a single nail. The key is to use natural objects as small pine cones to decorate the exterior of the birdhouse. This allows you to use an empty container such as a plastic or paper milk carton birdhouse primary structure. For a conventional shaped nesting box, use a half gallon paper milk cartons. Use a half gallon or gallon plastic milk carton on a pigeon bird house for sale with neat angles.


Wash, rinse and dry the container to remove any milk residues. Cutting a circular shape in the side of the milk carton or jug. This is the door into the pigeon bird house for sale; therefore, make it big enough for a bird. Make a hole in the circle doorway, and on the opposite side of the jug or carton. The distance from each hole to the bottom of the container should be the same for the holes.

Slide perch hole below the door, and through the reservoir, to the second hole and out of the container. A portion of the perch should extend through both sides of the container. Secure the lid on the container, if you use a plastic jug. Fold the spout closed and staple shut, if you use paper milk cartons. Cover the entire outside of the box with artfully affixing small pine cones, dried pods, dried flowers and small twigs. Use glue or a glue gun.

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