Cute Colourful Bird Houses

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Colourful Bird Houses Ideas

Colourful bird houses – Bird house should hang high enough for a cat not just is able to climb up and disturb birds. For small birds is 1-3 meters a good height. Place box in a way so it does not hang in full sun at midday – and a place on tree where there are branches nearby. A dense crown around and over bird house to ensure that raptors do not fly to eggs and fry. Also choose a secluded spot in garden, so they can be at peace.

Colourful bird houses are a cheap and easy material to work with. Make sure right targets. A base of 12×12 cm or 10×14 cm minimum for smaller birds, as they have many offspring. From bottom of nest box up to approach hole must be at least 20 cm. Want tits in box, hole must have a diam. at 26-28 mm. Are hole just 4 mm larger, great tits also squeezing in. Sparrows prefer 35mm.

Nesting boxes need not be traditional diy nesting boxes in wood – in this category you will find beautiful designs so that nest is not just a colourful bird houses. But also a stylish element on terrace or in garden. Take for example unique designs from A2 Living or beautiful wooden bird boxes with copper. Whatever you choose, you have here opportunity to buy nesting boxes, which are custom made for each bird – sets’re all requirements for their residence.

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