Dark Kitchen Cabinets Is Warm And Elegant

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets – wooden furniture have always been highly appreciated in kitchens. In light or dark tones, they are integrated in kitchens of different styles: traditional, rustic, modern and / or minimalist. Faced with light woods, dark woods are more difficult, but grant free distinction to kitchen.

Dark kitchen cabinets bring elegance to spaces. You can be combined with neutral colors, but also with vibrant hues to achieve modern and vital environments. It will tend to darken room, so it will be essential to pay special attention to lighting. Wenge wood, ebony, mahogany, dark oak, walnut or teak; they all have dark shades. Kitchen cabinets in these colors bring elegance to space but so obscure, so there considerations we must take into account when decorating our kitchen with them.

Good lighting is essential when we decorate our kitchen with dark wood furniture. If you look closely you images, all kitchens have large windows and when it is not, lack of natural light supplemented with halogen lights embedded in ceiling and hanging lamps on work surfaces. Combining dark kitchen cabinets with granite and white walls is another way to give light to space. We can also play with soil; ceramic white tones help create not only more luminous spaces, also more modern and clean. Wood will create feeling of warmth.

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