Entryway Lighting Ideas

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Antique Entryway Lighting

Entryway lighting of the home is a place to greet guests, hang coats, store shoes and keep the keys, gloves and scarves organized and within reach. Entrances keep dirt from being tracked in the rest of the home by providing a space to provide the shoes upon entering the home. Entryway lighting will make the first impression when someone enters your home. An organized space and appropriate furniture will make the first impression a good one.

Grids can be hung on the wall or stood in the corner of the hall to provide guests and residents with a convenient place to store a coat or purse. Buy Clothes hangers from special websites, department stores and even craft stores to spruce up the entryway lighting decor.

A bench added to the hall will make an inviting place to sit down and take off or put on your shoes upon entering or leaving the home. Benches can also add simple storage space. Shoes can be placed under the bench or even inside the bench, if space permits. Benches also provide a place to rest your groceries and wallets when they arrive home. A hall table is added entryway gives space to place a lamp or a small tray to hold the keys and mail. A hall table with a locking drawer can securely store keys, preventing them from being misplaced.

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