Fisher Wood Stove Style

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Amazing Fisher Wood Stove

Fisher wood stove – The storyline of Fisher Wood Stoves is of a little scale inventor whose ideas grew beyond his control. In 1973 Bob Fisher was working like a metal fabricator – business was slow and he was struggling to aid his wife and children, while finishing building his own pole frame home.

He realized the open stone fireplace he‘d painstakingly built was inadequate for heating the building and fuel prices for their oil boiler were increasing. He got the thought in her head to construct an efficient stove to stay his family warm and spent months sketching, plotting and planning his first fisher wood stove.

Bob Fisher had few basic views that he found from his fisher wood stove, and also his wife supplied a number of her own: It needed to be an airtight wood stove. Ventilation needed to become restricted and controllable with vents. It had in order to keep a fire in for 24 hours. Carol wanted in order to cook on the highest from the stove. The stove couldn’t smoke once the door was opened. The fisher stove had to last this involved heavy duty steel and firebrick.

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