Franklin Stove Insert For Fireplace

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Franklin Stove Replacement Doors

Franklin stove is a stone construction covered in perforated metal plate while Franklin designs made entirely of metal. Franklin refused design patent has been steadily growing over the years but retains many of its original features.

Franklin stove one of the most well-known developments in the history of stoves came in the late 18th century when Benjamin Thompson and is also known as Count Rumford who published an article that explains how chimneys work and suggest improved design. The idea is to show fire back tilting and adjustable exhaust damper to be the norm in most of the stove.

Thompson design is primarily intended for large plantations and a magnificent kitchen work at home, so the next stage in the history of the wood burner stove minimized view to put in more homes. This is done most successfully by Philo Stewart, who patented Oberlin stove in the United States in 1834. The Franklin stove became a huge success and more than 90,000 were sold over the next three decades. Similar small domestic stoves became popular in Europe during this period.



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