Funny Kids Bird Houses Decor

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Make Kids Bird Houses

Kids bird houses – If the ground is frozen in winter and is under a thick snow cover, the kids birds often find nothing more to eat. With a kids bird houses on the balcony or in the garden, you do not just like the birds a favor. Your children will also enjoy watching the birds and learning about the animal world. You can explain to them the different bird species and arouse their interest in nature.

So, build a stylish classic kids bird houses. You need a floor space of approx. 20 x 30 centimeters. Four corner posts come to the four corners. You can saw natural branches or wooden boards for the posts in the correct length. Tip: An old broomstick is also suitable. Fix the posts with glue or screws on the base plate. This is the roof. There are several possibilities for this: You can make the roof from a wooden plate or put two plates together, and then you have a gable like a real house. If you only take a wooden plate, you should install the plate obliquely, so that rainwater can run off.

Therefore, two of the corner posts would have to be longer than the other two. You can also attach the roof to the corner posts with glue or screws. If you want, you can decorate the kids bird houses beautifully. You can paint it or stick small wooden figures on it. You can decorate the roof with many small branches. Also pine cones or chestnuts can beautify the house.

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