Good Tuscan Home Decor

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Tuscan home decor uses influences from the outside to create a warm and cozy look. This style is often used in the kitchen. Decorating made easy says that color is the most important element of Tuscan furnishings. Floor and other neutral, earthy colors are the basis for this type of home furnishings. Stone is often used as both floor and furniture. Furniture can also be done with age natural wood, with wood beams add details in the roof. Ceramic is used to add an artistic element to Tuscan rooms. Textures are also an important part of the Tuscan furnishings. A structured look is achieved by using stone or faux stone and with textured painting techniques. Plates are also often used in Tuscan style kitchen and flooring.

Tuscan home decor is influenced by Italian art are the many castles and manor houses in the countryside of central Italy. Rich in Italian heritage, most Tuscan interior design a unique style that contains handmade art with a functional purpose. Tuscan interior design is not limited to furniture and useful accessories, however.

Select a Tuscan home decor color palette for the walls in your home. Popular wall treatments that mimic stucco and aged plaster walls seen in true Tuscan architecture include glazing, color washing, lime washing, and hand toweled textures. Classically designed plaster moldings add definition and sophistication. These functions can be accented with gold leaf or finished very simple.

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