Hollow Log Bird Houses Plan Ideas

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Log Bird House Plans

Hollow log bird houses provide the perfect place for bird nests. This is especially because the hollow tree is very traditional. The surgery of modern trees and the destruction of old trees have led to a continuous decline in the number of high tree cavities. They are the natural habitat of the majority of bird-nest nesting. Fortunately, most of these birds love ti live in nest cavities or artificial bird houses.

The log bird houses just needs a bit of color. Then, you can take the house take on the pole. Martins prefer a house that stands away from trees. These are the only birds that occupy a home colony; other birds’ home must have only one room. You have to protect entrance to the square with a design roof. You must face away from wind and storm rain there.

It is easy to make this nesting box style, all you have is short logs return to two cavities in the middle, both screwed, nailed or nailed together again with the entrance cavity to drill on one side. The top should be covered with a plate or sheet of tin to protect it from rain. That’s all the idea about log bird houses we can share.

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