Homemade Bird Houses Designs From Two Liter Bottle

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Homemade Bird Houses Designs Cabin

Homemade bird houses designs– Birds are part of the planet’s biodiversity. And we should all make our contribution to protect them. Today i propose one crafts to contribute in the life of the birds, to apply them in the patio of our home, or in the streets. We will make bird house forms of the typical ones that we see in many gardens and country houses. So that the little birds that fly around our garden or patio, can nest in it.

Let’s we start to make homemade bird houses designs from two liter bottle with clean the plastic bottle well, inside and out. Make a circle with the pencil, big enough so that the birds can enter through it. And then cut it with the cutter. Paint the bottle with the sponge. Wetting it in the paint and giving small strokes to it, until we complete its uniformity. At the top of the bottle, drill a hole with the auger, then pass a string, which is where the bottle will hang.

We will take the recycled CDS and draw equal triangles between 6 and 8 for each CD. These triangles will then be the roof of the bird house. We paint the triangles of the color that we consider more appropriate, green, brown, red, and yellow, etc. Now take the triangles and glue them to the top of the bottle, simulating the roof of the house, and making three rows of roof. We will place the nest inside the bottle. And that’s it; we have our little homemade bird houses designs.

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