How To Clean A Hotpoint Stove

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Awesome Hotpoint Stove

Hotpoint Stove – First,  Wait to clean up your Hotpoint oven has cooled. Put on latex gloves. Open the door, remove the racks and soak them in a sink of warm water soap. Rub the steel wool in difficult spots on the rack, otherwise a non-abrasive scour pad can be used on tripods have soaked for about half an hour.

Second, remove chrome drip tray it. Electrical hotpoint stove models and also enjoy. Use a non-abrasive scour pad on them to avoid scratches. Remove buds after making sure that they are turned off. Soak them and clean with a non-abrasive scour pad.  Third, remove any crumbs from the top of your stove and in the oven with a paper towel moistened with hot water. Close the oven door and lock on models with self-cleaning function. Enable this feature by pressing the self-cleaning button on the front of your stove and program desired cleaning.

4th, cleanliness hotpoint stoves without self-cleaning by spraying oven cleaner on the surface of the oven and the door. Follow the cleaning instructions on the label on the oven cleaner can. Wipe the oven cleaning foam within about a half-hour program.  5th, spray-purpose cleaner on the top of your stove and let sit for 30 seconds before wiping off with paper towels. Use glass cleaner instead of all-purpose cleaner to avoid streaking, if your Hotpoint stove has a porcelain enamel surface.

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