How To Set A Propane Stove

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Single Propane Stove

How To Set A Propane Stove – Propane stoves, either for cooking or camping use, operate with locking control knobs to adjust the burners on the device. The controls are designed for safety, since propane cannot be achieved through the valve burner stove when the knobs are in the upright locked position. No other adjustable components in a propane stove that can be modified by a consumer. After switching to gas burners, pilots and other components should be left to a propane certified technician.

To set propane stove, open the valve knob on the propane tank connected to the stove. Press and hold one of the buttons control the burner, then mark the position “Light” or “Power”. The exact wording will vary depending on the model of your stove. Light the stove by pressing the power button. If you are using a portable stove without an ignition system, simply hold a lighted match at one end of the burner.

Check the burner control to the desired heating of position. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the flame height and amount of heat generated by the propane stove. A left turn gas valve closes to reduce the flames and reduce heat. A suitable propane flame is blue with a yellow tip.

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