Ideas Decorated Bird Houses

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Best Decorated Bird Houses

Decorated bird houses – Install a birdhouse in a yard can offer a season of chicks for birdwatchers hobby. Finches are looking birds that many people enjoy. They normally nest in trees but will also nest in a birdhouse or platform. Finches need a small birdhouse than larger birds to protect them from predators. Building a birdhouse is simple and good weekend activity.

Decide on a type of wooden nesting box. Good wood to use decorated bird houses should resist decay. Cedar and redwood are perfect, but high-grade, untreated plywood could be used instead. Cutting a 6 by 6-inch square board for the bottom of a nesting box. Cut the sides of the birdhouse so they are angle top. The wood should measure 6 3/4 inches at the shortest part of the angle, and 7½ inches wide. Angling cuts to the roof to let rainwater flow.

Cut back of the nesting box to at least match the highest part of the angled sides of Step 3 and 7½ inches wide. The back board can be longer if desired to extend to the top of the decorated bird houses. Cut a 7½ inch square front of the nesting box, insert a 1½-inch entrance hole 4 inches from the bottom of the board. Cut the top of the birdhouse to 7½ inches wide and long enough to extend over the entrance hole so that rainwater drain – 8½ inches to 9 inches long should be good enough.

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