Ideas For Tuscan Style Kitchen

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Amazing Tuscan Style Kitchen

Tuscan style kitchen – A Tuscan cuisine consists of earthy colors and provides an open, bright feel. In designing this type of kitchen, choose a warm color palette and transform a variety of factors, including: countertops, furniture, artwork and flooring. Select a Tuscan-inspired color palette. Tuscan style kitchen should feel light and airy. Choose colors that are warm, such as deep reds and bright yellows. Tie these colors in the rest of your kitchen accessories and artwork.

Purchase marble countertops and a Tuscan style kitchen table. Create a Tuscan feel by choosing marble countertops that coordinate with your paint colors. For example, if you have chosen a bright yellow for the walls, choose a marble that has brown and yellow (think clay with a splash of yellow). Purchase of gold and brass fixtures for your facets and kitchen drawers. Additionally, you can purchase a coordinating chandelier and install it on your kitchen table.

Choose art for your Tuscan style kitchen. Select artwork inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Find these pieces by visiting your local art gallery and ask to show pieces that are inspired by the Greek and Roman eras. Create a Tuscan center of your kitchen table. Select a brass or gold bowl and fill it with fake versions of foods that are common in Tuscan meals, such as: olives, tomatoes and grapes.

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