How To Install Wood Cook Stove

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How To Install Wood Cook Stove – Wood stoves were a step forward in the technology of cooking over an open fire, which allows cooks to regulate oven temperatures. Many cast iron stoves also have reservoirs to maintain gallons of warm water. The stove was the centerpiece of the pioneer home. Today, outside the grid homeowners still use wood stoves for cooking, while others might install the stove, and a gas or electric to add a pioneer feel to a modern kitchen.

To install wood cook stove, Place a pad fireproof home in the place where the stove will sit. Pad home should be large enough to extend 18 inches beyond the front of the stove and 8 inches beyond the back and sides of the stove. Light a fire in the stove while it is still burning out of paint fumes. Let the fire go out and allow the stove to cool before bringing the stove inside.

Setting the wood cook stove in the home platform. The stove must be at least 18 cm from walls and at least 36 inches from any other fuel, such as curtains or upholstery, on all sides’ material. Connect the stove to the stovepipe. Use stovepipe heavy duty enough to extend from the stove up through the roof of the house and beyond the top of the roof. Check your local building codes before installing your stove. The authorizations required in your area may be different. Wood stoves are heavy. You will need several people to help you move the stove.Home comfort cook stove craigslist,

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