Japanese Bird House Ideas

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Japanese Bird House Antique

Japanese bird house – The Japanese Post noticed that people who become involved in backyard birding may be affected by their encounter with nature. They are likely to be concerned about the habitat they provide, and change some of their gardening habits to be more bird friendly. Birdhouses also add some color and whimsy to a farm. Japanese hotel has several stories, chimneys, doors and fancy trim.


Inch thick cedar or redwood will last a number of years and you can leave the roof of the weather without paint or polyurethane and it will continue to look good.  Buy architectural details that you want from a craft store or online from doll house manufacturers. Windows, doors, shutters, fences are all available.

Shape the front and back of the Japanese bird house. Take the two longest pieces.  Determine the type of bird you want to attract. Make a point on the board that you will use for the front of your Japanese bird house from the bottom edge and centered between the sides. Using the spade bit in the size you prefer, drill the entrance hole at the point you just made.

Make a swinging wall for easy cleaning. This allows you to open and close this page. Set the nails with a nail set. Apply the coating compound.  Painting nesting. After the painting is finished and dry, apply the polyurethane and let dry. Insert screw eyes and threading a nylon cord through the eye to make a hanger.

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