Keeping Clean Tuscan Rugs

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Tuscan Rugs – Generally, when people want to keep their rugs clean, they start by vacuuming, but this is not the right thing to do since there are different very useful guidelines for cleaning carpets, such as removing their stains and facing to numerous problems that sometimes arise when cleaning them. One should know that in old rugs, stains tend to accumulate and therefore over time, they have a dismal appearance. For this reason, regular cleaning can illuminate the carpet and remove all stains.

Modern clean solutions, as well as stain remover, contain a lot of aggressive chemicals and emit strong odors. That is why with just a few common household products is enough to effectively clean tuscan rugs. It is recommended to vacuum rugs every week or every two weeks on both sides. If you live in places with a lot of pollution or traffic, it is best to breathe every three or four days. If you frequently vacuum the rugs in your home you can prolong the life of these, since when cleaning them prevent particles of sand from accumulating.

When vacuuming, the fibers of the tuscan rugs are not cut and remain intact, so one of the best options to clean them is the vacuum cleaner. So that the rugs do not become very dirty, ideally also the surrounding skirting’s and the radiators of difficult access will be cleaned.

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