Making Multi Bird House

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Best Multi Bird House

Multi bird house – There are as many nesting box models as there are builders. With these instructions, it becomes a functional birdhouse with a minimum of tools and materials. The bird box is suitable for most small birds, such as blue tits, great tits and pied flycatcher. You can use the residual pieces of planks, as long as one side unplanned, and unpainted. Saw walls 4×25 cm. The rest is a bottom piece that you put into the otherwise finished nest.

Make multi bird house, nail the walls of each side walls inside the front and back. The rough, untreated surface should be on the inside. Is the whole bit of board entreat, leave the core side out.  Drill entry hole on the front, so that the edge of the hole is about five cm from the upper edge of the front piece. The hole can be advantageously drilled slightly askew, so that any rain will not flow into the nest box. Use the knife to trim off strips.

Ideas multi bird house, cut the floor piece. It can almost be a little too small then avoid the moisture out more easily through the cracks. You can also drill a few small holes, so that a pencil can fit through, for better ventilation.  Nail the floor with a nail from all four sides. Place the roof so that there is at least one centimeter overhang on all sides. At the front it may well be at least two centimeters stand out. Nail the roof with a nail in one rear corner.

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