Making Small Bird House Plans

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Small Bird House Plans Addition

Small bird house plans – Birdwatchers are often disappointed when they put up nest boxes intended for bluebirds and swallows, only to discover a sparrow nest inside. Sparrows, an invasive, bullying bird species inhabit often birdhouses designed for less desirable songbirds. To make your small bird house plans holes slightly smaller will provide access to bluebirds and swallows while blocking sparrows and other large birds.


Measure and mark your wood to make a rectangular shape large enough to extend 1 inch beyond the current nesting hole in all directions. Cut the square shape with a handsaw. Measure and mark a hole in the middle of the wood squares large enough for your bird, but small enough to exclude invasive birds. Bluebirds and swallows need to whole 1 1/2-inch diameter, while the whole 1 chickadees need the 1/8-inch diameter. Check the table on Amish Gourds website to see the required size hole for the other birds.

Cut the hole with a jigsaw. Sand any rough edges on the wood. If desired, paint it to match your small bird house plans. Allow the wood to dry completely before connecting it to the birdhouse. Wash the area around the birdhouse hole with soap and water and let it dry. Place your wooden squares of current birdhouse hole so the new hole covers the old hole. Mark the location with a pencil. Glue the wooden square to the birdhouse with wood glue.

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