Miniature Bird Houses Style

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Nice Miniature Bird Houses

Miniature bird houses – Many children are fascinated by various species of birds. To encourage your child’s interest in your yard’s feathered inhabitants, allowing him to build a birdhouse so he can watch different types of birds visiting it. From a simple wooden birdhouse to a plastic container birdhouse. All you need is a quick trip to your local craft store. And some household items to get started with this birdhouse project.

Buy a wooden birdhouse kit at your local craft store as a basic miniature bird houses you can enjoy with your children. You will need acrylic paints, glue, rope and a clear weather sealant spray. Help your child glue wooden birdhouse pieces together with wood glue and let it dry completely. Let her paint the birdhouse with acrylic paints, and then spray birdhouse with clear weather sealant to protect it from bad weather. Attach a rope to the house and hang it from your patio or a nearby tree.

Use a round, plastic container to make a simple miniature bird houses with your child. Wash and dry the tank completely. Help your child cut a 2 in. Hole in the center of the container and glue a wooden dowel in the hole. Then paint four small pieces of wooden red and glue them in an overlapping pattern over the hole to simulate a ceiling. And then use white paint to paint a fence around the bottom of the plastic container. And also green as grass on the bottom of the fence. Rota two holes in the bottom of the container for drainage and two near the top for ventilation. Poke an extra hole in the container top through which the string can craft wire; suspending the container in a nearby tree.

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