How To Mount The Luxury Bird House

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Contemporary Luxury Bird House

Luxury bird house are excellent ways to attract birds to your garden. Select a pipe between 8 and 10 meters long to permit sufficient height. With a few simple steps, you will soon be able to enjoy your new bird house.


Find a suitable location for your new luxury bird house. Place the bird house with a view of the windows. This way you can enjoy watching the birds as they fly to their new home. Paint an X in the grass with spray paint to mark the future location of your new bird house.

Flatten bottom of the electrical lead tube with heavy hammer. This helps prevent twisting when the pipe is in the ground. Drive the pipe into the ground with a fence post driver. Drill 5/16-hole in the tube and on the back of the poultry house. Use 1/4-inch bolts to attach the bird house to the pole.

Lubricate the pipe with car wax to help ward off predators. Metal pipes are more difficult for predators such as raccoons and snakes climbing over wooden poles. Face the entrance to the aviary away from the harsh winds and morning sun. This will allow birds to continue to enjoy the luxury bird house even when the weather is inclement. Be careful when working with power tools and fence post driver. Work with the pros at your local home improvement store if you are unsure how to perform any of the tasks listed above.

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