New Wood Stove Installation

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Modern Wood Stove Installation

New Wood Stove Installation – You have to choose a suitable location for the wood stove. The first is to consider the safety distances we have to maintain with respect to flammable materials. To respect any safety distance, if the stove is installed near a brick wall or other non-flammable material. Still, we recommend a minimum distance of 5 or 10 cm to the wall, so that the convection functions optimally.

Safety distances must be respected only if the wood stove installation near flammable materials. In the section of this web stoves, you can view the minimum distances must respect your wood stove. If in doubt consult your usual or specialist technical distributor wood stoves. Before installing your stove, you have to learn about the regulations applicable to wood stoves both national level and regional level.

If wood stove installation on a wooden floor or carpet, you have to place the stove on a fireproof protective plate. The extent of the protection plate depends on the size of the stove, at least, has to cover 30 cm in front of the stove and 15 cm on each side. If you are installing the stove using a fireplace work, you have to use an elbow to the flue with a diameter of 150 mm. The first step is to make a hole in the chimney, then place sleeve separation, apply special mortar for fireplaces to adjust the sleeve and leave the installation watertight. Then place the stove and elbow to the vent, the sleeve and a vent with a clamp. The flue must enter into sleeve about 5 or 10 cm without blocking the interior of the chimney.

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