Outdoor Wood Stove Troubleshooting

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Outdoor Wood Stove Troubleshooting – Outdoor wood stoves are available with a variety of features. Chimney length, the size of the door, insulation type and heat output vary between models. You may encounter a problem with your outdoor wood stove that you do not know how to fix. Before you call customer service, or spend money on a technician, a few troubleshooting options will help you to find a solution on their own.

If the outdoor wood stove is not burning properly, the problem may be related to the water content. You should always burn seasoned wood, which will have moisture content between 20 to 30 percent. Softwood does not burn as cleanly as hardwood. Large pieces of wood also burn cleaner than small. Never overload the fireplace chamber. Additionally, you must change your fireplace on a regular basis. The manufacturer’s instructions will give you guidelines on how often to charge your model. Ideally, the fire does not go out between charges.

Your outdoor wood stove oven may not function properly if you do not hold the device in between uses. Excessive ash buildup can block the grid. It can also restrict air flow by blocking the combustion fan and the chimney. In addition, the creosote is formed, which makes the flame baffle. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for your particular stove for maintenance and cleaning. With many ovens, but you can use a toothbrush to loosen the dirt around the grid and other parts vacuum then up the debris? Also, have your stove professionally serviced once a year.

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