Paint Colors For Basement Walls

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Basement Walls Finishing

Some people are still curious about Paint Colors for Basements.  Basically, painting the basement wall is no different from painting the upper level wall. It’s all according to your taste and purpose of the room. Supposed your basement walls are made of concrete wall, there would be no special treatment in painting. These paint colors ideas will be related to some concepts that most people use it to their basement. Therefore, it’s better to know what kind of room you want the basement to be.Paint colors for basements variety most basements are turned into an entertainment room, which you install home theatre inside. If this is your case, you are recommended to turn it to completely a cinema by painting the wall in orange, gold or red. Make sure your choice of colors is in darker tone. If you want it to be safer for watching, painting black will be good.

Some people turn their basement into a room for relaxing and chatting with family. Here you can decorate it as if it’s your second living room. Heartwarming colors like lime green and light brown will be perfect to be matched with wooden furniture. Marine blue and turquoise will also be nice to cheer up the mood of anyone inside.

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