How To Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets

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Contemporary Oak Kitchen Cabinets Design

Oak kitchen cabinets – Oak kitchen cabinets have a coarse grain of the wood that requires a little more care to cover up with paint than other woods with a finer grain. With patience, attention to detail and effort, you can paint your outdated oak cabinets to completely transform the look of the kitchen. By taking every step and complete it thoroughly, the finished project not only looks good, but function with a high degree of durability as good kitchen cabinets need.

Prepare doors for removal. Use a cloth and household degreaser and warm soapy water to clean the doors thoroughly. Allow to dry before removing the hinges and other hardware. Place the hardware in zip-style plastic bags and place in the oak kitchen cabinets, they were removed from. Prepare the cabinets and doors for grinding. Add doors on the painting surface. You must hand or electrically-sand doors and cabinets with a high gloss finish just enough to dull the finish. For those without a gloss, this step can be omitted although for optimal results, it may be wise to lightly sand all finish for better primer and paint adhesion. Use a tack cloth for cleaning dust from the doors and cabinets.

Apply two coats of latex primer inhibiting bleed-through of previous wood stain on cabinets or doors. Let the primer dry completely between coats. Apply two coats of paint to doors and cabinets that provide adequate drying time in between coats. Alternatively, you can use a paint sprayer on cabinet doors, taking care to spray evenly for a clear, smooth finish. Set hardware. This can be done by using existing hardware or updating to new. Re-attach the doors of the oak kitchen cabinets framework.

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