Pictures Of Bird Houses In Gardens Ideas

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Pictures Of Bird Houses In Gardens Amazing

Pictures of bird houses in gardens – Share your farm with local bird species are both fun and good for your garden. Birds help transfer seeds and perpetuate the continued growth of flowers and vegetation. Even if you can attract birds to your garden with flowers and fruit trees, you can also make cheap bird feeders using plastic bottles. Plastic bottle bird feeders are an easy project to do at home or in the classroom. Children enjoy watching pictures of bird houses in gardens have done.


Keep the plastic bottle upright on a flat surface; a 2-liter soda bottle is ideal for birds of different sizes. Cut a window in the lower part of the plastic bottle with a utility knife. Leave a 2-inch border along the bottom of the window, and cut through the window at a height of 4 inches to accommodate medium to large birds.

Remove the lid of the plastic bottle. Bonding a length of yarn around the neck of the bottle, leaving about one foot of the yarn hanging on each end. Screw the cap back on the bottle to keep the yarn in place.

Puncturing a hole on each side of the cutout windows using utility knife. Slide unsharpened pencil through the hole, and pull out the other side to form a perch for the birds to sit on. Pour few inches of bird seed in the bottom of the plastic bottle bird table. Tie the ends of the twine around a sturdy tree branch in an area where you can view the pictures of bird houses in gardens.

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