Primus Stove Propane Adapter

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Primus Stove Repair

Primus stove – What are you looking for in a stove? What type of camping you do? Consider these questions as you research for the corresponding event camping stove. Of course, there are several brands to choose from and selecting may be a difficult process.

Have you ever thought about camping Primus stove? Primus brand is marketed by Brunton Outdoor Group, commonly known as North American Gear. This international brand name brand comparable to other camp stove. Here are some reasons why you should consider this brand for backpacking or car camping.

Primus stove is light; the smallest model made is 2.5 ounces without or with the piezo ignition. Then the size of a compact that has a carry sack or case to be placed. Moreover, for the backpacker there are many lightweight, or a combination of multi-fuel or tube options to choose from. Once you have decided on the type of camping you will examine the options available under the brand Primus camp stove. Also, you will find Primus stove this to be durable, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly, with the option of using the stove with a fair weather camper or extremist.



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