Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors Glass

Replacement kitchen cabinet doors – is a practical and colorful solution, not only if you have damaged doors, give it a more modern touch, still in perfect condition. Once we have acquired all the necessary material, release caps drawers and cabinet doors to replace them with new ones. We have bought the doors with holes already done so directly begin making through holes for handles both new drawer fronts and doors for the cabinets.

Now, we remove all shooters removing the screws with the cordless drill and the right tip. With caps already prepared drawers, remove carefully the cabinet doors for replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Then remove the hinges and, if they are well, the advantage to set up new doors in the cupboards. The cup hinges consist of two parts: the base placed inside the cabinets and the pan that will look at the inside of the doors.

Then, put the shooters that we had in the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, screwing properly. Can now replacement kitchen cabinet doors, holding them with the cup hinge. Then, apply adhesive mounting on the back of the pieces and put the trim at the bottom of the wall units and cornices at the top. Finally, we cover extractor in position, also fixing with adhesive mounting.

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