To Restore Cast Iron Stove Finish

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Cast Iron Stove –  Instruction to restore cast iron stove finish, first, spread an old sheet on the floor beside the cast iron stove. Remove any loose pieces. Second, with a soft-bristled broom, Brush away surface dust and loose residue on your cast iron stove.  Clean the corners and curves with a soft bristled toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush of vegetable oil to remove dirt caught in the narrow space.

Third, dip a nylon pot scrubber in a bowl of pure vegetable oil. Scrape excess or baked-on grime, dirt or food from your stove. Clean the loose items in the same manner, then return them to the sheet. Wipe the rest away with a dry terry cloth. Fourth, craping any rust stains on your cast iron stove with fine grade sandpaper or dry, detergent-free fine-grade steel wool. Press hard. Fifeth, remove rust from loose objects in the same way, then return them back to the sheet. Wipe the rest away with a clean, dry cloth.

Sixth, wipe the entire cast iron surface. Wipe the loose pieces with a separate button damp cloth. Dry completely with a clean cloth. Last, do not use stove blacking or polish the cast iron stove and loose items as directed by the manufacturer. Most Polish producers direct users to use Polish or Blacking as they would apply the wax on a vehicle. Have an ample supply of dry, clean cloths on hand. Let cast iron stove to dry completely before returning the removable parts.

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