Simple Cleaning Kenmore Elite Stove

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Kenmore Elite Stove Size

Kenmore elite stove – the Kenmore Elite Dryer is a reliable device that many consumers use to dry their clothes. Although a dryer can last for 10 years or more, there comes a time when routine maintenance is necessary.

When you clean a Kenmore elite stove, it is important to wash the grates that hold pans over the burners. If food, especially fat, is wasted on these grates and not removed, it may cause smoke or even catch fire when the burner is in use. Purification of gratings periodically will prevent food and debris from building up, which makes them more difficult to clean, and to a fire hazard.

Allow grates to cool if the stove has been recently used. Remove the grate off the Kenmore elite stove. Place the grates in hot, soapy water and allow them to soak up dirt or grease is soft. Depending on the material, leave grids suction from a few minutes to spend the night. Scrub grates with a sponge or siphon pad. If stains that cannot be removed, covering them with baking soda, and scrubbing them again. Rinse grids with clean, warm water. Wipe them with a clean towel, or place them in a drying rack and let them air dry.

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