Slide In Stove Installation For In Stove Top

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Elegant Slide In Stove

Slide in stove – Check the electrical requirements of the manufacturer for the new outlet stove. Remove the stove from its packaging, except for the cardboard background. Leave the stove standing in the bottom of the card. Install anti-tip brackets supplied with the new stove in a location that allows the stove to slide into a locking position and prevent it from tipping over.

Fix the brackets anti tip for drilling a pilot hole in the surface where the stove will be anchored, usually on the ground. Tap the anchors provided in each hole with a hammer, and then tighten the anti-tip brackets to the anchors. Connect the power cable to the slide in stove according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the rear panel of the stove, if necessary. Slide the stove so that it aligns directly with the opening on the counter, but not slide it into the cavity of the counter yet.

Turn on the gas with any flexible connection of gas is supplied to the stove if it uses gas; otherwise, skip this step. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect and use the key of a plumber to fix the line in place. Remove the slide in stove drawer bottom of the range. Ask a friend to help you choose the stove If out of cardboard background. Level the stove top, adjusting the legs underneath. Use a level to check that the stove is balanced. Turn the stove on the wall. Slide the stove to the counter cavity. Look under the stove to see if the stove is lined with anti-tip brackets on the floor.

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