Soapstone Wood Stove Inserts For Fireplaces

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Soapstone Wood Stove Steamers

A Soapstone wood stove is a great addition to any home. If you are considering buying a wood burning stove you will probably find mention of soapstone and the value in the construction of the stove. In essence soapstone help store heat and then release it gradually – in small stoves can balance the temperature difference of heat and cold and in large soapstone stove construction can save this heat for hours.

Soapstone wood stove is a form of natural rocks that have exceptional thermal properties. Has been used traditionally for heating for thousands of years by indigenous peoples, including the Inuit, because it can be formed easily and does not crack or break when exposed to heat. Soapstone wood stove can be carved and shaped into a bowl or sheets that can be placed in direct contact with fire, conducts heat well so that food can be cooked on it immediately and develop a natural patina of oil that protect the stone and make it easier to clean.

The same thermal properties that make it worth hundreds of years ago make it valuable in the design of today’s modern stoves. Soapstone wood stove is very solid and has a high specific heat capacity. This practice this means that a relatively small amount of soapstone can store large amounts of heat.



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