Tips On How To Install Wood Pellet Stoves

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Modern Wood Pellet Stoves

Tips On How To Install Wood Pellet Stoves – Wood pellet stoves burn compressed wood pellets from sawdust similar to rabbit food. Pellet stoves rely on computers to determine the amount of fuel burned, according to a thermostat that controls the fire, which produce heat at a rate of 10 000 to 60 000 BTU per hour. Wood pellet stoves use forced air to distribute heat throughout the home and support the burning of wood pellets.

Place the wood pellet stoves in a central location in the home gives a more even distribution of heat throughout the area. Place the stove in an area away from walls and furniture to reduce the risk of fire. Venting wood stoves pellet through an existing chimney requires lining the chimney with a metal liner or PL outlet. Aeration should extend either straight up from the stove and through the roof or horizontally through the wall behind the stove and then up to at least 3 meters above the roof, or as high as local building regulations require.

Place the wood pellet stoves on a non-combustible surface such. Ex. an approved stove food, cement tile, slate or tile flooring. The floor protector must extent the full length and depth of the kitchen, with at least 6 inches of the floor protection that runs in front of the stove. Pellet stoves use electric current to control multiple internal fans to circulate the heat and draw in air for combustion. Consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the voltage requirement and install suitable ground fault circuit breaker at a place near the stove.  Wood pellet stoves use fresh air to support combustion of wood pellets. A small tube at the bottom rear of the stove extends outward through the building wall or a chimney. Place the outer end of the fresh air exchange pipe in an area where snow or other debris will not block the airflow.

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