Too Cool Bathrooms With Modern Shower Curtains

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Best Modern Shower Curtains

Modern shower curtains are unlike other bathrooms because they will stand out more with its top front creativity and uniqueness which make these kinds of curtains are divine. There are some curtain motif ideas which you can choose to boost your bathroom with modernity. First, try simple motifs like stripes, squares and circles which are not too much but give accents to the curtains. These kinds of simple motifs will give modern touch, moreover if you choose the neutral colors like white, grey and black. Those simple motifs will define modern look with those neutral colors, for the fabric, choose the smooth and soft ones like cotton or the durable one like waterproof polyester. Modern shower curtains that are totally cheerful when you aim for more cheerful look, then apply playful motif ideas for curtains will be recommended. You may find some motifs which are full and crowded, with funny patterns and delighted pictures which will trigger laughter. These kinds of funny and playful motifs will boost your mood, for example you can choose sunny sun flower motifs on the white polyester fabric for the curtains which are so natural and beautiful. Others, you can choose real life themes which will make your shower curtains look like photographs. These kinds of motifs will show that modernity can be so playful and funny because the themes are taken from real life.

Unique Shower Curtain Designs That Are Artistic

Third idea, the motifs are artistic because the fabric is treated like a canvas, which means that the curtains look like paintings which have deep meanings and art elements in it. For that, you can transform your bathroom into a more modern one with artistic shower curtain that is so stunning with its abstract style. The motifs will not mere themes, but artistic ones which have painting values and the results will be totally meaningful and distinctive in all aspects.

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