Tuscan Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Top Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Tuscan bedroom furniture – Transform your bedroom from dull to breathtaking by introducing the soothing style Tuscan-inspired decor. The Tuscan-style decor blends Italian, French and Spanish pattern to form a distinctive Mediterranean style. Steering clear of streamlined and modern design, offers Tuscan decorating the organic tones of nature in the home with rich colors and rustic structures.

Decorate your room with wooden or wrought-iron furniture. Choose rugged-looking furniture that bears the rustic theme of the bedroom. The Tuscan bedroom furniture style depends on the mood of your room. If your room reflects the relaxed atmosphere of an Italian country cottage, choose furniture that is simple and unadorned. If your room mimics the elegance of a Tuscan villa, then decorate your bedroom with ornate wrought iron furniture or fine hardwood pieces. Incorporate an important characteristic of Tuscan bedroom, which is very headboards, dominates the room.

Tuscan furniture is simple, rustic and usually hand carved, and the dark colors of rustic wooden furniture complement the muted earth tones of the walls. Solid wood benches and accent tables match the purpose of the intrudes room and living room. Wood hutches or cabinets can display pottery and accent pieces in the living or dining room. Dining table can be round or rectangular, in combination with solid wooden chairs with leather cushions. Pine headboards are a stylish feature of Tuscan bedroom furniture. Built marble countertops in gold or deep orange hues add a rich touch to the kitchen and bathroom.

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