Tuscan Decorating Ideas For Your Places

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Best Tuscan Decorating Ideas

Tuscan decorating ideas – The old world charm of Tuscany, Italy provides the perfect palette to create a warm atmosphere in every room of your home. Putting together a home that reflects the simple elegance of Tuscany-whether you’re looking for the beauty of the Tuscan countryside or the Tuscan cultural influence-offers you a range of decorating options to bring a taste of Italy to your living environment. A rough stone terrace furnished with earthy-colored furniture and a built in garden featuring colorful flowers are ideal for a Tuscan-themed outdoor area. Add a small fountain and a few stone or bronze statues to complete the look.

Tuscan decorating ideas bedroom for comfort. A big, soft bed with plenty of plush pillows in earth tones, dark walls and stone or tile floors with large area rugs work well. Candles and soft lighting is also ideal for a Tuscan Inspired bedroom. Use lighter colors for your bathroom, with dark wood and gold accents.

The kitchen is the heart of every Italian home. With home influence in the Tuscan decorating ideas kitchen with bowls of plastic fruit and bread to your table. Deep brown cabinets and open shelves are typical of a Tuscan kitchen. Stone countertops and plenty of hanging hooks for utensils also lend an air of authenticity to your taste Tuscan cuisine.

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