Tuscan Interior Design Style Decoration

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Tuscan Interior Design Colors

Tuscan Interior Design – The Tuscan style evokes the spirit of the Italian countryside: trees, country houses, vineyards illuminated by the light of the sun. Built in rural traditions and natural materials. Tuscan-style décor has increased in popularity in recent years due to its modest air. The warmth it emanates and its emphasis on comfort, a lifestyle that few of us will live but that we can all dream of.

Having a place outdoors for sunbathing, enjoying a cappuccino or placing a pot of basil. It is an essential part of this Tuscan interior design style. If you are designing and building a house in style, do not forget to include such a space in the plans. If you want to adapt your home, I remember that it does not have a large space in a magnificent: even a small backyard, wrapped in stone or stucco and loaded with ceramic vases and creepers, creates the same effect.

Texture walls of sandstone, stucco, plaster, and those tactile finishes, which immediately give the impression of an old country house. Choose several shades of warm and neutral color, such as ocher, brown, apricot or cream for extra visual interest. The Tuscan palette is based on the earth and sky: dusty green hills, red brick, blue skies, golden sunlight. Choose tones of terracotta, blue, yellow, reddish, soft gray and green. The colors of Tuscan interior design should look as if they had disappeared gracefully in the heat of the sun.

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