Tuscan Landscape Style

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Modern Tuscan Landscape Style

Tuscan landscape adds Mediterranean flair to the otherwise bland yards and patios, and can complement a wide range of home design, from Spanish colonial mansions to modern condominiums. Additionally Tuscan countryside is often very water efficient in homage to their Italian heritage, which makes the style a perfect choice in desert landscapes, or when access to water is a concern. With a few basic design staples, your yard is a Tuscan-inspired paradise in no time at all.

A water feature is generally considered a hallmark of a Tuscan landscape and provides a focal point to work the rest of the design around. This can be as simple as a small, wall mounted fountains, or as elaborate as an entire koi pond and waterfall system. Regardless, most classic Tuscan homes have water in their gardens and courtyards, an element that can make your design process moving.

Terracotta pots are another common feature in the Tuscan countryside, and should be set along roads or flanking entrances and driveways. Choose pots that have a rustic, old-world feel to them with designs that reflect common Tuscan themes. Many Tuscan landscape supply stores and nurseries have simple Tuscan ware pots with richly detailed designs depicting olive branches or swags cloth. Try to choose pots in the same general style and finish of the entire yard to add unit for landscaping.

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