Tuscan Planters Design

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Tuscan Planters Brown

Tuscan planters – An atrium that grow in the long term, healthy plants imitate nature in some important ways. A skylight provides good light, but only at an angle that will change with the seasons. Plan to compensate with extra lighting, and factor it into the atrium design so that it will not yell “grow light” when it is on. The moisture and temperature control requires, based on the types of plants. Tropical plants can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees, very slick and need high humidity year round. All Tuscan planters put in the ground will appreciate a garden plot constructed with a layer of buried insulation. Winter ground becomes cold and may damage the roots, even when the atrium is surrounded by the walls on all sides.

Indoor Forest

Turn a loft or unconventional space in a wild place with an atrium that merges living and growing areas without a real gap. The atrium is open on at least one side and flows into the common areas of the home. A “floor” of river rocks lined with boulders mark green space, but boulders spilling over into the living room, dining room or kitchen. A lot of trailing green Tuscan planters hanging from exposed pipes or a catwalk high in the atrium, and thick leaves covering the rocky ground and crawling over boulders. Inside the forest creates all-season humidity in the house, and a hidden waterfall adds a musical note.

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