Two Kinds Of Esbit Stove

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New Esbit Stove

Esbit stove – Pocket esbit stove; the compact stove Esbit Pocket Stove provides a simple and convenient way to heat water or nourishment in the field. Stove Esbit Pocket Stove is made of electrolytic ally galvanized steel, which it owes its resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Its design allows to store inside the complex microwave relative contributions of fuel. In addition, it is designed so that after laying out the walls to get the type of draft shield. Pocket esbit stove has the ability to spread with different opening degree (2 degrees). This allows you to adjust the size of the oven to the size of the pot / cup (at smaller diameters items that are broad, full distribution of the oven, so the heat losses are much smaller).

Esbit stove emergency kit. Ultralight stove on solid fuel Esbit Emergency Kit, will work in extreme situations. Esbit stove emergency kit check in survival, on expeditions where the baggage weight is drastically reduced, or simply as a spare stove in the event of failure of the primary equipment. The most important features at this stove are: Ultralight, it folds flat for transport, powered by an easy-to-use solid fuel and attached 3 contributions solid fuel Esbit.

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