Very Simple Build Bird House Planters At Garden

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Bird House Planters Build

Bird House Planters – Very simple is the construction of this bird house, but very pleasing its appearance. With a few little boards and some tools in few minutes, you can be shaped. This bird house is actually divided into two compartments, a small nest up and a larger nest underneath. It can be constructed in titrate, in this case as this wood is little suffered in the open. The roof will be covered with a piece of cardboard tar which is used in roofing houses.

It can also be made of tin from an empty container of oil. Arming will be done simply without inserts and use suitable nails. Once finished according to the measures that are given in figure 3 where the front and the side of the house is presented, the exterior bird house planters will be painted with several hands of oil paint, preferable to paint the vermilion roof and the sides, color clear. The bird house completed will ensure a trunk, which will build firmly on the ground to wind safety.

If at regular height, a can disc of a certain diameter is arranged, we will be able to protect the nests of the cats and other annoying friends. Other suggestions would be to secure it on a tall tree or hang bird house planters on a wall. Each season will be convenient to remove the old nests and sanitize the cottage, which will undoubtedly be a further ornament in the garden.

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